About us

Ecofloc has over 25 years of experience in offering the most advanced solutions, technology and equipment to our customers in the Surface Treatment business.

By conducting a preliminary study of real requirements, we seek out the most profitable technical solution adapted to each customer, taking full advantage of their resources and the space available to offer integral solutions. These solutions are controlled and developed in each project phase, such as manufacturing, assembly, training and after-sales service for the industrial installations - all manufactured by us.

We use computer-aided design and cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies, as well as branded materials from the main manufacturers in the world. This allows us to guarantee our equipment’s reliability and compliance with CE standards and markings.

Currently, we manufacture manual and automatic equipment and turnkey integrated solutions for:

  • Complete Powder Coating installations for the Aluminium Profiles and Metal Furnishing Industry .
  • Complete Liquid Paint installations for the Wood and Ceramic Industry.
  • Anodising installations for Aluminium parts and profiles.
  • Hot-dip Electroplating Installations.
  • Chrome, Nickel, Zinc, Tin and Gold Galvanizing Installations.
  • Installations for the Chemical Pickling, Phosphating and Washing of parts.
  • Scrubber for the Aspiration and Cleaning of Vapours and Gases.
  • Installations for Supplying Filtered and Humidified air to manufacturing units.
  • WWTP Waste Water Treatment Plants.
  • Water Demineralisers and Acid regenerators.
  • Liquid and Powder Paint Coating Booths.
  • Paint Drying, Baking and Polymerising Ovens.
  • Air Carriers.
  • Electronic painting robots.
  • Industrial automation solutions.